Jean Basile

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Phone (631) 754-3754

Licensed Master Social Worker
Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor
Services Rendered - Licensed Master Social Worker Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor
Areas of Expertise - Drug and Alcohol addiction, Anxiety Disorders, Borderline Personality D/O, Clinical Depression, Compulsive Behaviors, Depressive Disorders, Divorce Issues, Mood Disorders, Obsessive-Compulsive D/O, Personality Disorders, Post Traumatic Stress D/O, Sexual Trauma and Eating Disorders

August 2013 - Present     Catholic Charities, Commack/New York
Clinical Supervisor of Chemical Dependency Unit

  • Oversee operations of Day Program of the Addiction Recovery Services Program
  • Develop Programming for clients and Training for the staff
  • Review hospital referrals for admittance to program
  • Ensure OASAS, DSS/Medicaid, IMA SAAM compliance.
  • Interview, Hire/Fire and train Clinical Staff, and Student Interns.
  • Student Intern Field Instructor (SIFI) Trained
  • Coordinate services of clients and case assignments
  • Provide Supervision of Clinical Staff and Student interns.
  • Responsible for clinical documentation of staff.
  • Liaison for Community Outreach/Services/Trainings.
  • Provide group and individual counseling and coordinating documentation.
  • Monitor staff productivity of electronic medical records.
  • Order supplies necessary for clinical operations.
  • Administrator of Clinical Staff accounts.
  • Monitor urinalysis results of clients.
  • Monitor employee Policy and Procedure compliance.
  • Conduct workplace mediations.
  • Provide staff evaluations.

September 2015 - Present     Suffolk County Community College, Grant Campus, Brentwood
Adjunct Professor - Chemical Dependency Department - Courses

  • CDC 225 Criminal Justice System and Chemical Dependency
  • CDC 252 Professional Ethics and Cultural Competency in Chemical Dependency

May 2010 - Present     St. Joseph's College, Patchogue
Adjunct Professor - Courses:

  • Addictions and Dependencies
  • Adsdictions and the Family and Society
  • Care Management
  • Principles in Addictions Counseling
  • Alcoholism.

June 2009 - Present     Constance Augustyn, LCSW-R, CSOTS, Bayshore

  • Facilitate Sex Offender Treatment Groups
  • Provide Individual Therapy
  • Collaborate treatment with Probation/Parole/CPS
  • Facilitate Preparation for Polygraph
  • Provide Court Letters, Documentation and Reports.
  • Expert Witness in Court

February 2006 - July 2013     Pederson Krag Centers, Wyandanch/Huntington/New York
Assistant Director off Addiction Recovery Services

  • Oversee operations as Program Coordinator of the Addiction Recovery Services in Wyandanch then promoted to the Huntington site.
  • Ensure OASAS, DSS/Medicaid, IMA SAAM compliance.
  • Interview, Hire/Fire and train Clinical Staff, and Student Interns.
  • Coordinate substance and mental health services of clients.
  • Provide Clinical and Administrative Supervision of Clinical Staff and student interns. Responsible for case assigning, Monitor employee and client Policy and Procedure compliance, conduct workplace mediations,.
  • Responsible for all clinical documentation of staff.
  • Liaison to Wyandanch/Huntington Community Organizations, Community Outreach..
  • Provide group and individual counseling and coordinating documentation.
  • Participated in State and County Pilot Programs for Hepatitis Prevention, Motivational Interviewing and NIATEX Client Retention..

2005 - 2008     Private Clinical Practice, Plainview/Greenlawn

  • Facilitate Disordered Eating Therapeutic Support Group
  • Individual Therapy provided in Trauma, Eating Disorders, Grief, Domestic Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Gender Identity, Substance abuse, and Parenting Skills.
  • Marriage Counseling Sessions

2001 - 20069     Crossings Recovery Center Patchogue/Port Jefferson/Central Islip         NY  
Substance Abuse Counselor/ Senior Counselor/Director

  • 2005 Promoted to Clinical Director at Central Islip site.
  • 2004 Promoted to Senior Counselor at Port Jefferson site: Administrative duties, Counselor Supervision and Training, Facilitate Intern Program, Oversee Patient Treatment, Monitor Therapeutic Group Sessions, Liaison to referral sources and between management and employees, Incident Reports, Patient Statistics and Data. Monitor OASAS, DASAS, and participating insurance provider compliance.
  • Facilitate Crisis Intervention, trouble shoot and provide Crisis Treatment Decisions.
  • Provide group and individual counseling in: Substance Abuse and Addiction Recovery, Trauma, Recovery from Sexual Abuse, Childhood Abuse and Domestic Violence, Women's issues, Parents Support, MICA and Dual Diagnosis, Eating Disorders, Conducted New Client Intake Assessments.
  • Facilitated Sex Offender Therapy Groups, working in conjunction with Parole Officers, Courts and Social Services to ensure Victim Safety and Offender Accountability.
  • Complete Documentation: Chart Notes, Progress Reports, Treatment Plans, Treatment Review Updates, Reports for Courts, Probation and Employee Assistance Reports, Utilization Review and Quality Control of Charts.
  • Monitor, and facilitate Employee and Client Policy and Procedure compliance, Conduct Workplace Mediations.
  • Oversee Staff, Conduct Interviews, Hire/Fire Staff, Oversee and train student interns.
  • .

2003 - 2004     Northport Veterans Hospital       Northport   NY  
Social Work Intern

  • Provide counseling, case management and referral services for Oncology, Palliative Care, Intensive Care Patients and Family Members
  • Complete Psychosocial Assessments, Advanced Directives, Social Service and Social Security Benefit eligibility, documentation for organ and body donations and any End-of-Life Issues..
  • Discharge Planning and liaison to outside agencies for long term care, home services, hospice, public health nursing services, medical equipment, nutritional services.
  • Provide End-of-Life Individual, Group and Bereavement Counseling.
  • Case Manage and Counsel Seriously Mentally Ill Veterans; providing ongoing counseling, monitoring of mental stability, home visits and medication management.
  • Complete Daily Computerized Progress Notes and Event Capture Data.
  • Work within Interdisciplinary Teams for complete Patient care.
  • Attend ongoing educational seminars on Treatment and Counseling Skills. .

09/2002 - 06/2003     Islip School District       Islip   NY  
Social Work Intern

  • High School and Elementary School Caseload.
  • Individual, group, and family counseling in Substance Abuse, Eating Disorders, Date Rape and Dating Violence, Child Abuse, Gang Prevention, Military Family issues and Absentee Parents, Divorced families, Peer Mediation.
  • Conducted Banana Splits and Socialization Groups.
  • Home Visitations, Parent Consultations and Mediations.
  • Liaison to referral sources.
  • Initiated PINS Petitions and CPS Referrals. .

State University of New York         Stony Brook, NY
Master of Social Work, Awarded May, 2004
Graduated with Distinction

  • Completed Domestic Violence Colloquia.
  • HIPPA Training. .

St. Joseph's College       Patchogue   NY  
Bachelor of Science in Community Health and Human Services Awarded 2002

  • Member Delta Gamma Psi Honor Society.
  • Distinguished Graduate Award.
  • Nominated for Valedictorian.
  • Certificate in Substance Abuse Counseling.
  • Certificate in Family Counseling..
  • Minor in Psychology.


    • LMSW License # 073969-1
    • National Provider Identification (NPI) # 1548309701
    • CASAC License # 19755 .


    • Family Counseling Certificate                     2001
    • Drug and Alcohol Counseling Certificate   2001
    • Child Abuse and Neglect                             2001
    • Domestic Violence Training                       2002 - 2004
    • HIV/AIDS Training                                     2002 and 2004
    • Chemical Dependency Training                 2002
    • Resiliency Therapy                                     2002
    • Motivational Enhancement Therapy         2002, 2004 and 2007
    • HIPPA Compliance                                     2002 and 2006
    • Club Drugs in Schools                                 2003
    • Play Therapy for Traumatized Children     2004
    • Eating Disorder Training                             2004 and 2005
    • Sex Offender Training                                 2004 - 2006
    • Co-occurring Disorders in Substance Abusers       2005 - 2008
    • Medicaid Compliance                                   2006 - 2007
    • Student Intern Field Instructor Training (SIFI)     2006
    • Treatment Issues for Senior Citizens         2007
    • Smoking Cessation Treatment Training     2007
    • Minuchin Family Therapy Training (Alternatives for Youth)     2007
    • Internet Computer Crimes Prevention     2007
    • Effective Clinical Supervision                   2007
    • PTSD in Returning Iraq Veterans             2008
    • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome                             2008
    • Working with the Sex Offender Substance Abuser 2008
    • Strengthening Treatment and Retention   2009
    • Static 99 Sex Offender Risk Assessment 2009
    • Managing Sex Offenders                           2009
    • Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse 2008 and 2009
    • Suicide Prevention                                     2009
    • Alcohol, Drugs and Gambling                   2009
    • Working with Criminal Justice Clients     2009
    • Drug Court and Family Treatment Court 2010
    • Changes in the DWI Law                         2010
    • Treatment Issues for Women    
    • Dual Diagnosis
    • Trauma Informed Care